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GSA NEW SEATING SERIES (65.1% Off List Price!)

SIN: 711-18 under Contract #GS-29F-0008S
Title: Multipurpose Seating
Duns: 03-988-4171

GSA Information: Seating Series (PDF) | GSA Warranty
A number of our Elevation Series chairs are now available under our GSA Contract!  Our GSA New Seating Series has the perfect match for your office.

GSA B1 Relax

B1 Relax


B1FS Relax – Fabric

GSA - B3

B3 Inspire

GSA - B4

B4 Focus

GSA - B6

B6 Ease

GSA - B6-300

B6-300 Spacious Ease

GSA - B8

B8 Engage

GSA - C2

C2 Serene – Guest*

GSA - C8

C8 Engage – Guest*

GSA New Seating


Optional Headrest

Optional Headrest for B1/B1FS

* The C2 and C8 must be purchased in packages of two (2), but are priced individually.