Mullions - Open Plan Systems

Universal Mullions (PGHM)

Our new Universal Mullions can be added to work surfaces, table tops, OPS2 Panels and OPS2 tiles to provide a unique look or a sense of privacy!  Our standard mullions are offered in clear tempered glass  or fabric. Frosted mullions are also available at an up-charge. Custom fabric mullion heights are available at an up-charge. Custom heights are not available for tempered glass mullions.

Although tempered glass is our standard for glass mullions, plexiglass is our standard for mullions used as modesty panels for safety reasons.  Frosted plexi-glass is an up-charge.

Note: *24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 mullions come with two PGHM’s | *60 and 72 mullions come with four PGHM’s

Frosted Plexiglass Mullions

Frosted Plexiglass Mullion modesty panel

Frosted Mullions

Frosted Tempered Glass Mullion on a panel

Fabric Mullions work surface

Fabric Mullion on a work surface