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Table Legs

Open Plan Systems offers a variety of table leg options to fit your style and needs!

C Table Leg


Center Leg

Center Leg

Column Table Leg

Column Leg

Corner Table Leg

Corner Leg

Docking Leg

Docking Leg

H Table Leg


Square H Table Leg

H-Leg Square

Modesty Panel Table Leg

Modesty Panel

P Table Leg


Post Table Leg

2″ Post Leg

Square Table Leg

Square Leg

T Table Leg


Arc T Table Leg

T-Leg Arc

Work Surface Support Panel

Work Surf. Support Panel

X Base Table Leg


With all the table leg options to choose from, we make it easy to choose the right leg for your work surface or table top!  Enjoy all the benefits that our well-crafted and sturdy table legs provide!

Note: To prevent warping, we require a middle support when using a C-Leg, P-Leg, H-Leg or T-Leg on surfaces that are 72″ or longer.

Table Tops

Check out our variety of standard table top options!
Please Note: Table Tops and Table Legs must be specified separately.

Round Table Top


Rectangular Conference Table

Rect. Conference

Training Table


Square Table


Racetrack Conference Table

Racetrack Conference