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Ensure your office is fully complete by finalizing your investment with the supplemental offerings Open Plan Systems provides.  Complement any office with our keyboard sets, monitor arms, task lights and CPU holders.

Technology is a universal necessity.  With our selections of keyboard sets, monitor arms, CPU holders and various data port options, you will feel secure in knowing your work space is fully capable to adapt to ever-changing advances.  Our offerings include extended keyboard arm and tray lengths, as well as optional mouse trays.  The variety of style and functionality are sure to set off any station.


Wire Management LED Task Light w/Sensor Covered Data/Power Unit Recessed Power Strip

Data/Power Unit Keyboard Sets Easy Adjust Monitor Arms Monitor Arms
papertraythumb markerboardthumb tackthumb
CPU Supports Paper Management Marker Boards Tack Boards
pencilthumb coatthumb dsdthumb
Pencil Drawers Coat Hooks Mullions Desk Screen Dividers
Table Legs