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Test Reports & Certifications

Grade 1 Fabrics – Flame, Strength & Durability Test Certifications

Belle Isle Cinder Pebble Creek
Breeze Colonial Downs Sand
Brown’s Island Dogwood Shell
Canal Walk Drew Cove Shockoe Slip
Carytown Grey Sky Smokey Pine
Charlie’s Trail James River Surfside
Chestnut Lake Anna Yorktown
Church Hill Maymont

Grade 2 Fabrics – Test Certifications

Anchorage – Flame Spread Crosstown – Flame Spread Mingle – Safety Datasheet Strata – Safety Datasheet
Anchorage – Safety Datasheet Crosstown – Safety Datasheet Nexus – Flame Spread Streetwise – Flame Spread
Bailey – Flame Spread Dayton – Flame Spread Rattan – Flame Spread Streetwise – Safety Datasheet
Bailey – Safety Datasheet Dayton – Safety Datasheet Rattan – Safety Datasheet Traction – Flame Spread
Cape Cod – Flame Spread Digit – Flame Spread Reeds – Flame Spread Traction – Safety Datasheet
Cape Cod – Safety Datasheet Digit – Safety Datasheet Reeds – Safety Datasheet Unison – Flame Spread
Century – Flame Spread Drift – Flame Spread Spinel – Flame Spread Zest – Flame Spread
Coalition – Flame Spread Drift – Safety Datasheet Spinel – Safety Datasheet
Coastline – Flame Spread FR701 – Flame Spread Sprite – Flame Spread
Coastline – Safety Datasheet FR701 – Safety Datasheet Sprite – Safety Datasheet
Collaborate – Flame Spread Midway – Flame Spread Starburst – Flame Spread
Comet – Flame Spread Midway – Safety Datasheet Starburst – Safety Datasheet
Comet – Safety Datasheet Mingle – Flame Spread Strata – Flame Spread

Seating – ANSI/BIFMA Test Certifications

Elevation Seating Value Seating
B1 Relax 4008 Cinch 3159 Steal
B3 Inspire 5688 Modest 3133 Stack
B4 Focus 4019 Logic
B6 Ease Note: Testing not available for 900 Element, 4032 Pragma or 3119 Score.
B6-300 Spacious Ease
B8 Engage
B14 Impact
822A Harmony – High Back
  • 822B chair structure is the same as 822A which has a BIFMA report
  • C2 and C8 is same chair structure as C1 which has a BIFMA report
  • 9838 Series is still processing BIFMA testing

Storage – ANSI/BIFMA Test Certifications

Full-Pull (2 Drawer) Lateral File Test applies to all full-pull lateral files
BBF Full Pull Pedestal Test applies to all full-pull pedestals
BBF Square Pull Pedestal Test applies to all square pull pedestals

XPand System – ANSI/BIFMA Test Certification

XPand Reach Certification

Powered Adjustable Height Tables

ANSI/BIFMA Certification
IQNet ISO Certification
TUVRheinland Certification Note: This is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)


Emerge UL Certification

Training Table – ANSI/BIFMA Test Certification

Training Table Certification

Power Certifications

V2 Power Certifications

Task Lighting – UL Certification

LED Task Lights (24″ w/ built-in motion sensor & 18″)
TLN 24-60 Task Lights
LED Task Light


Open Plan Systems SWaM Certification
Open Plan Systems Warranty
UL Compliance Certification
Fabric Panel Flame Spread
Office Furnishings Certified for Canada
Sound Absorption Test (NRC)
Sound Absorption Test (STC)
UL Authorized Fabric Certification
UL Furniture Guide
UL Authorization
UL Panel Flame & Smoke Test Certification