Why OPS - Open Plan Systems

More than half your life will be consumed in the workplace.  Affordably create a community of engaged employees.  Reduce your carbon footprint and uphold a professional standard of quality in your office.  Our systems encourage a free-thinking, collaborative business community.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Open Plan Systems provides a high-quality, low-cost source for office furniture.  Our systems are made to major manufacturer standards with the added benefits of flexibility and selection, all at a significant cost-savings.  Open Plan Systems is also a leading distributor of seating and storage, and has developed the innovative tile system, modular walls and XPand System.

Our Value Pricing

With the advantages of being a small manufacturer with less overhead and a more personal relationship with our suppliers, we are able to offer significant cost savings at 25-40% below the larger manufacturers!

Our Quality

At Open Plan Systems, we offer “A” grade quality selections by utilizing many of the same techniques and technologies as most major manufacturers.  Combine our efficiencies as a small manufacturer, along with overseas supply chains and you find unparalleled service and savings.

Our Selection

Open Plan Systems continues to provide cost-effective solutions for office environments by offering new panel systems, tile systems, modular walls, seating, storage and complimentary accessories for any work station.  In addition, we also offer our new XPand System which offers benching and adjustable height tables.

Our Facility

Our 10-acre complex includes 150,000 square feet of manufacturing, shipping and administration buildings, as well as a 125,000 square foot receiving and production prep facility. We have invested more than $4 million in our state-of-the- art manufacturing facility and $5 million in inventory, allowing us to offer consistent and efficient turnaround times, some as short as 5 days from receipt of order.


We take an active interest in the safety of your workplace.  Every fabric we use is class A fire rated and our new products are approved by Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated.  Many insurance policies have clauses limiting the insurance company’s liability in the case of a claim due to the failure of a non-UL-listed device.

Protect your investments by making sure the product you buy is UL and NEC-approved.


All of our new systems products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.  Our Elevation Series seating are covered by a lifetime warranty on components for the original purchaser.  Our Value Series seating are covered by a 10-year warranty on components and a 5-year warranty on foam/textiles for the original purchaser.  See our Warranty Statement for additional details.