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GSA REMANUFACTURED SYSTEMS (OPS2 Sustainable Series: 82% Off List Price!)

SIN: 711-92 under Contract #GS-29F-0007S
Title: Remanufactured Systems Furniture
Duns: 03-988-4171

GSA Information: Sustainable Series | GSA Warranty
Looking for an environmentally friendly value solution for government agencies?  For those more budget or environmentally minded, our sustainable systems offers our deepest discount.  Remanufactured stations typically provide up to 40% off the cost of new, though they are held to the same standards of quality and durability.  With our sustainable panel system options, we remanufacture three core components, the panel core, connector core and overhead core.  Everything else is new!  Unlike refurbishing, remanufacturing is a process that strips goods down to their raw state where they are then manufactured to the same standards and appearance of new office furniture.  The use of environmentally friendly or low impact materials and furniture can also earn points toward a LEED certification.

A sustainable solution, with all the assurances that come with our limited lifetime warranty and UL Listing (Class A safety rating) is the Open Plan way of remanufacturing the American office.

This sustainable C2 option is available under our GSA Contract, SIN 711-92. The table below shows the breakdown of our GSA Sustainable Series:

Program Description
Sustainable Program
GSA Remanufactured Systems
  • Limited SKU options available.
  • Save up to 40% off the price of new
  • Choose only from the OPS2 Panel System
  • 82% off the list price