All-New Signature Series - Open Plan Systems

The current lead time for Grade 1 and Grade 2 is 6 weeks. The 7 Day Program is suspended until further notice except for Seating and other inventoried items. Call your Customer Service Representative for details.

Signature Series – All-New Manufactured Systems

Open Plan Systems manufactures all-new products made to major manufacturer standards, but at value pricing. Choose from all six of our all-new systems options and select among our Grade 1 or Grade 2 finishes. Our Grade 2 finishes provide you the most variety and options, while our Grade 1 finish options provide you with the deepest savings.

Whether choosing Grade 1 or Grade 2 finishes, our All-New Signature Series guarantees quality manufactured product at unbeatable savings! With our UL Listing and limited lifetime warranty, we ensure the same quality standards as major manufacturers but offer our all-new manufactured products at a fraction of the cost!

Included under Grade 1 are the following products: Razor SystemOPS2 Panel SystemOPS2 Tile SystemDesking SystemModular Walls and Sit-Stands.

Included under Grade 2 are the following products: Sixty-Five System, XPand SystemRazor SystemOPS2 Panel SystemOPS2 Tile SystemDesking SystemModular Walls and Sit-Stands.




  • Glazed and partial glaze panels are not eligible for Grade 1
  • Our Razor System is part of our Signature program but utilizes V1 power.
  • Pedestals, laterals, surfaces and components are discounted at Grade 1 pricing only when purchased with panels using Grade 1 finishes.