LED Task Lights - Open Plan Systems

Whether it is to retrofit an existing station, or a new install, Open Plan Systems maintains the support of sustainability through our LED Task Light offering.  Each light runs at approximately 13 watts, which computes to tremendous energy savings for comparable incandescent and fluorescent lights.  LEDs have been proven to last longer and use less energy than their outdated fluorescent brothers. Our LED task light attaches to the underside of a flipper door unit or shelf using magnets for easy adjustment.

Available in silver aluminum finish. 18” and 24” options available. 24” includes a built-in motion sensor (can be toggled on/off). Lights can also be daisy-chained together.

SKU Description  
TLN-LED-S-1 24″ LED Task Light w/ Internal Motion Sensor  
TLN-LED-18-1 18″ LED Task Light  
TLN-LED-12-S  12” connection cord, adjoining 24” & 30” shelves  
TLN-LED-24-S  24” connection cord, adjoining 36” & 48” shelves  
TLN-LED-36-S  36” connection cord, adjoining 48” & 60” shelves  
TLCM Task Light cord manager – 4′ length – BU  

Note: Our LED Task Lights have new SKUs and connection cords. Any light with a “-1” in the SKU is only compatible with our new 12, 24 and 36” connection cords. Previous LED Task Light models (without the “-1” are only compatible with our 19” connection cord (TLN-LED-19-S). Please contact your CSR with any questions.

Sizes 18″ and 24″ Built-In Motion Sensor 24″ Light Only
Wattage per fixture 9.8W (18″)
13W (24″)
Dimensions (in) 18″ L x 3″ W x 1″ H (18″)
24″ L x 3″ W x 1″ H (24″)
Lumens per fixture (18″) 580 Lm-6000k Lux 260 – 6000k
Lumens per fixture (24″) 680 Lm-6000k Lamp Life ~50,000 hours (18″)
~30,000 hours (24″)
Efficacy 50 Lm/W Maximum Run (chaining) 42 fixtures
Color Temperature 6000k – White CRI >75
Voltage 120V AC Housing Aluminum
Operating Temp -22ºF to 185ºF Environment Indoor use, dry location
Beam Angle 120º Mounting Magnetic

Task Light Cord Manager

Can be used to hide LED Task light cords along panel corners.