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Mobile Pedestals

While the structural pedestal is a great option for storage, sometimes customers need a storage option that is more easily accessible. Our answer for that is the mobile pedestal! This provides the same locking function available with the structural pedestal, but this pedestal is not mounted. It can still fit under your work surface, but it can also be pulled out. These pedestals are 20” deep. Like the structural pedestal, they also come in full pull or square pull fronts.

Square Pull

Full Pull

Budget Mobile Pedestal

Lockable storage for the budget-minded.  Nylon roller suspension for easy access yet fits under the work surface.  The budget pedestal is 21″ deep.  Available in Full Pull only.
Note: This is our only pedestal that accepts a seat cushion and still fits under the work surface.

Full Pull

Desking – Box/File Pedestal

Lockable storage that includes one drawer and one file drawer.  Comes only in a full pull front and standard as mobile with casters.  Square legs also available upon request.

Full Pull


  • All storage specified as “Low Storage” can include an optional seat cushion or laminate top.
  • Available through the Desking System only.