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Sixty-Five System

True Frame & Tile Panel Solution

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Frame & Tile Refined

Open Plan Systems is proud to introduce the latest system to our product lineup: Sixty-Five.

Sixty-Five is a true frame and tile system with endless customization options. The 2.5″ (65 mm) panel frames provide a stable foundation that is easy to assemble, stack and modify as needs shift in the work place.

Sixty-Five truly shines in its breadth of features available through its various tile finishes, flexible power options and open base panels to give systems a genuine designer look. 

Flexible Design

Customized To You

Sixty-Five features limitless design potential with the number of panel heights and tile finishes available. Tiles are available in fabric, laminate, glass, metal, accessory tool rail, embossed metal, perforated air flow and beltline power finishes.

Power: Beltline & Base

Convenient power access is now even simpler with Sixty-Five. Power is available above or below the work surface allowing a customized approach to power between workstations. 

Open Base

Due to the flexibility of Beltline power, Sixty-Five stations can utilize open bases, giving stations a designer look while also allowing more light in.

Interchangeable Tiles: Simply Hook & Snap

Most of the tile options available for Sixty-Five are installed in the same way: simply hooking the tile onto the frame, and raising the tile to snap it into place. 

This unique design allows stations to easily be refreshed with newer finishes or tile applications as work places shift and adapt over time. 

Flexible Power

Sixty-Five utilizes our Version 1 power series of receptacles and cables. Power can run from panel-to-panel in a straight line or through connectors. With our base-to-beltline festoon cable, Beltline power is easier than ever to add to stations. Ceiling power can feed directly to a Beltline connection, eliminating the need for base power altogether. 

For more information on how power is specified for Sixty-Five, click here to view our Specification Guide.


Panel-to-Panel Through Connector

Base to Beltline